WinRAR Training Options 

The first is WinRAR Basics

This email course will show you how to get started with using WinRAR effectively.

It is suitable for both newbies and for those that would like a short refresher -- and it's free!


RAR Command Line Secrets

Is an advanced video online experience course for those that want to go beyond WinRAR

and discover the little known and powerful functions available with RAR.exe.

This 6 week course runs several times per year.


I can also offer you my WinRAR How To - Starting eBook

Your WinRAR Users Manual & Guide!

Still available from Amazon for just US$3.99 for you to download

and read on your PC, Tablet, Laptop, phone, or Kindle)

Purchase it now and you will be able to download

the updated version due out later this year!


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