WinRAR's RAR Command Line Secrets Experience Course.

Did you know that WinRAR has hidden talents that few users know how to use efficiently?


On this experience course I will reveal how you can easily use these more advanced WinRAR Command line features to control exactly what you want to do and also how to automate functions you can then use regularly, to easily save your time for other things! 


Over just six 40 to 50 minute weekly sessions, you will discover the secrets to using RAR Command Line and will learn how to use them to your advantage.


Along the way you will receive bonus reference sheets that will make it much easier for you to better control exactly what each function and switch achieves, as well as many Command Line hints and tips.


You will also have access to our Private Members Area as a Lifetime Member, so that you can access replays and links to useful resources.


About Your Trainer


For 25 years I have been a user, supporter and distributor for WinRAR (including the original RAR in 1994).

My teaching experience started in 1972 as technical instructor and course writer for 7 years.


After buying my first computer in 1980, over the next 15 years my interest in computer hardware, software and programming extended to using my writing and speaking experience to editing the New Zealand Computer Club magazine, co-organising computer shows and presenting seminars at three major cities in New Zealand. Plus writing hundreds of articles for computer magazines and newspapers, contributing chapters to two computer books, while helping people with their computer and software problems.


In 1992 (after 2 computer industry redundancies) I started my computer troubleshooting company then in 1994 was invited to distribute RAR and WinRAR. The first of my two WinRAR websites opened for sales and support in 2007, in 2013 I published my WinRAR How To - Starting eBook on Kindle and my website.


Since retiring from my computer troubleshooting business in 2015 I have been working on my two WinRAR websites while studying and planning for this course. 


Now as a recently certified Experience Product® producer, I have put the finishing touches on this video experience course that is specifically designed for WinRAR users like you who would like to learn more about RAR Command Line.


Selwyn Arrow

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